10 Golf Lessons from The 2019 PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to attend The PGA of America’s Teaching & Coaching Summit at Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida.

After reviewing my notes, here are 10 quotes that are just too good not to share with you.

Read them, and like your putts, let them sink in…

  1. “Positivity is a competitive advantage.” - Jon Gordon

  2. “Do you want growth, or great growth?” - Jon Gordon

  3. “You don’t need to be good to take a golf lesson.” - Tony Dovolani

  4. “Golf is the easiest game in the world.” - Tony Dovolani

  5. “What’s your fun? Fun for me is making birdies.” - Hal Sutton

  6. “Great players play with quiet minds.” - Hal Sutton

  7. “Be 1% better each day.” - Dana Rader

  8. “Just because the river is quiet, it doesn’t mean the crocodiles have left.” - Martin Hall

  9. “When putting, make your arms like rope.” - Brad Faxon

  10. “Amateurs make real practice swings and hit funny shots, Pro’s make funny practice swings and hit real shots.” - Andrew Rice

Mike McNally

Assistant PGA Professional at Murrayfield Golf Club in Edinburgh.